Release Schedule

Release Date Name of Crate Presentations Openers Voiceovers
15th May, 2022 Bonus Crate 008 White Ball White Ball N/A
1st May, 2022 May Crate Christmas Christmas Christmas - Santa VOG UK & USA
15th April, 2022 Bonus Crate 007 Fireworx Fireworx N/A
1st April, 2022 April Crate Arcade, Masquerade Arcade, Masquerade Host Expansion Pack
15th March, 2022 Bonus Crate 006 Liquid Gold Liquid Gold N/A
1st March, 2022 March Crate Film Poster, Space Film Poster, Space New Voice
15th February, 2022 Bonus Crate 005 Under the Sea Under the Sea N/A
1st February, 2022 February Crate Showman, Vegas Showman, Vegas Start Crate - USA Voice Female
25th January, 2022 Bonus Crate 004 N/A Neon Tech, Marquee N/A
15th January, 2022 Bonus Crate 003 - USA Voiceover N/A N/A Start Crate - USA Voice Male
1st January, 2021 January Crate Neon Tech, Marquee N/A Start Crate - Dan Akers
25th December, 2021 Bonus Crate 002 Memphis Memphis N/A
15th December, 2021 Bonus Crate 001 N/A N/A Start Crate - Saffron
1st December, 2021 December Crate Dekko, Halo Dekko, Halo Start Crate - Neil Bentley