Content Licensing

Events Crate is an online subscription service delivering world class digital assets for events and we like to keep licensing simple.

What you CAN do with Events Crate assets

  • Use our assets for or on behalf of any business or agency
  • Use our assets at unlimited events of any type
  • Sell a complete finished project you've created using our assets to your clients

What you CAN'T do with Events Crate assets

  • You can't use our assets for broadcast or as part of a live streamed event
  • You can't use our assets if you are an individual or freelancer
  • You can't use our assets (even previously downloaded ones) if your membership has lapsed or been cancelled
  • You can't resell individual assets or work parts
  • You can't lift music from openers and use this on other projects, the music is only licensed for use with the rendered video projects

If you require an extended license for broadcast or live streaming please contact our team at [email protected]